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Being Flexible

I wasn’t expecting to make this my first post, but it happened to me recently and I wanted to write about it while it was fresh on my mind.

I’ve been participating in a regular semi-pugged ICC25 for the last few weeks. None of the healers were raid assists and none of them seemed to be assuming any sort of leadership position, so previously I’d glyphed Rapid Rejuvenation and just healed willy-nilly as I’m wont to do in such circumstances, and it worked out all right, but this week I decided to see if I could get a bit more organization. Since I was just a pugger and there were others around with more history with this group, I went about it circumspectly, by asking if we were doing healing assignments. Unsurprisingly, most of them had classified themselves into a particular role based on their class. Since we only had one healadin that left us short on tank healers, so I dedicated myself to tank healing.

One healer, however, resisted the idea of healing assignments completely. “I just heal the raid and help with the tanks,” he said.

“I like that plan,” someone else chimed in.

The response: “It’s always my plan.”

Now, I don’t have a problem with the free-for-all healing approach where no one has any assignments. I don’t think it’s ideal with groups that don’t know each other well (which we didn’t), and in fact think most groups will benefit from, at the least, sorting out who’s healing tanks and who’s healing the raid. But if that’s the way a group wants to do it, fine.  My issue here comes from his arrogance and inflexibility.

While everyone else was delineating a role for themselves, he refused to do so. Since he got support from one of the other healers (and I wasn’t really in charge anyway) I let it slide, but it wasn’t the attitude of a team player. He had his favorite way of doing things and he was going to stick to it regardless. Worse, he seemed proud of using his “plan” in every situation. Because clearly just because someone thinks your plan is good in one situation, it must be good in all of them.  I’m honestly rather annoyed with the other healer for treating this “idea” as something special, when really it’s something you should be doing nearly all the time. Healing assignments tell you where you should focus, they don’t put limits on who you can (or should) heal. Helping out both the raid and the tanks should be the default regardless of assignment.

Anyway: If you can’t change tactics, you’re a fail healer, pure and simple.


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