The Mighty Snowflake

So I’ve had a little more time to play with 4.0, and I missed a few things last update. Very notably: Rebirth now has a 30-minute cooldown that is shared between all druids and shamans (with their self-rez) in the raid! If it wasn’t important enough before to coordinate with your raid leader regarding use of your battle-rez, it sure is now. I can see all sorts of intra-raid conflict coming out of this in the future. Fun times.

The main problem I’ve run into so far is figuring out how to heal multiple tanks. I’m thinking the best way to deal with this will be to coordinate with another healer, and ask them to use Lifebloom, Earth Shield, or Beacon on one tank while you juggle Lifebloom on the other.  Empowered Touch’s second benefit of letting Nourish refresh Lifebloom sounds amazing, but so far it’s mostly just remained a juicy possibility. In serious content it seems like I rarely have the 2 seconds (at my haste level) needed to cast Nourish, and the few times I do, I usually wish I’d cast Healing Touch instead. Lifebloom just gets refreshed the old fashioned way because it’s faster. However, my reaction times are still just a bit slow, which I’m sure makes the two seconds seem like much longer than they actually are. As the new style becomes automatic I’ll be able to do everything faster.

Much of the reason Empowered Touch looks so juicy is because of this:

I’ve always been a big fan of the Snowflake – it easily blows all other mana regen trinkets out of the water for a resto druid – but it looks especially enticing when you can automatically refresh your HoTs. As long as you keep Lifebloom ticking you’re getting back mana, and if you’re doing it for free you’re looking at 100% pure profit. How much this is actually worth depends on your haste (that’s right, with the Snowflake haste is a weak endurance stat!), but even with 0% haste you’re looking at 55 mp5 from your Lifebloom alone. At 30% haste it’s somewhere around 70 mp5, and at 50% haste it’s around 81 mp5. Of course, Lifebloom is dirt cheap now, so refreshing it wouldn’t be that big of a deal anyway. Let’s say you’re using Rejuvenation, too (kind of a stretch, I know). Assuming 30% haste: For every Rejuv you have ticking, you get approximately another 22 mp5. If you’re throwing Wild Growth every cooldown, you’ll get nearly 50 mp5 from that.

This trinket is extraordinarily powerful for druids, not even taking into account the haste-granting on-use effect, which is, I might add, better than ever since it now makes our HoTs more powerful as well as faster-to-cast. And provides a bit more mana back too thanks to extra ticks! I’m almost sad that mana doesn’t seem to be a big issue so far in 4.0 because this is about the most OP thing in my arsenal, and it would be a shame if I didn’t get to wallow in it.

(Hats off to Malevica at Type H For Heals for the quick and handy info on how haste grants extra ticks for each particular HoT).

  1. #1 by Analogue on November 29, 2010 - 3:39 pm

    Hmm. Button from Uncrittable pointed me at this post after I blogged about having mana trouble on the Lich King fight after 4.0.3a and I’m thinking you’re right about this trinket. I’m pretty sure I’ve got it in my bags so I should dust the thing off and use it. Unfortunately I’m using Althor’s Abacus and Purified Lunar Dust so I need to do the math and see if I can afford to ditch one of those. Maybe the Lunar Dust…. wonder what the theorycrafters say on that….

    • #2 by arbington on November 30, 2010 - 2:59 am

      Heya, didn’t see this here or I wouldn’t have mentioned it in your own comments. ^^ I like both of those trinkets too, and I use that combo when I think regen won’t be an issue and I can afford to get rid of the Snowflake. I generally swap out the Lunar Dust, but if you want yet more regen, switching out Althor’s Abacus instead sounds like a good plan too. Before 4.0.1, I never got much oomph out of Flasks of Pure Mojo, so when tweaking throughput versus regen, switching flasks was always the last thing I did after swapping in regen trinkets. Now that it gives Spirit, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pure Mojo is a lot better for us. It’d be interesting to crunch some numbers on that.

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